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6-Week Program Offer

Who are we?

Bridge Nutrition aims to bridge the gap between scientifically evidence based nutritional concepts and real life practical implementation of life-long, healthy dietary habits. We provide personalised, bespoke nutrition plans, with the objective to improve our client’s health and diet, one meal at a time.

Our Mission

At Bridge Nutrition our mission is to help people improve their understanding and relationship with food, one meal at a time. We provide bespoke nutrition plans created specifically for you and your personal goals. To ensure the highest possible chance of success our plans are tailored to fit around your lifestyle and food preferences, all within an affordable budget.

Evidence Based

We focus on providing evidence based nutrition advice. We avoid fad diets and pseudo-science, and aim to relay well researched, ethical, conclusively proven information to our clients in an accessible, practical way.

Expert Advice

The health and fitness industry is booming with unqualified individuals providing poorly researched and, quite frankly, dangerous advice. Rest assured that your Bridge Nutrition meal plan and information is created by a fully regulated and registered Health and Performance Nutritionist.

BN services

Transform Your Personal Nutrition

Improving your personal nutrition may seem a daunting task, but with our tailored plans you will get the information, education, and support you need to transform your health and fitness.

Performance Nutrition for Athletes/Teams

Whether you’re an amateur or elite athlete or team, nutrition should be a priority for you. Click here to see more about our Performance Nutrition plans.

Corporate Wellness

It has been proven that improving your employee’s health and well-being increases performance and productivity. At Bridge Nutrition we provide several options for corporate wellness packages.

Media / Social Media Consultation

Do you need a product reviewed or an article/quote with an evidence based approach? Click here for more info on media/social media consultation.

Your 6-Week Personal Nutrition Transformation

Transform your relationship with food with our 6 week personal nutrition plan. During this programme we will guide, educate, and give you the tools to make life long changes to your diet, your body, and your health.

BN Clients

Registrations and Associates

BN Calorie Calculator

Use the BN calculator to work out your approx. calorie requirement per day. Please note that this is a rough guide and if you have specific fitness, performance, fat loss, or muscle gain goals you need to have your nutrition personalised.

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